Tournament dates

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Most important things to know

  • You do not need to be correct about start and end times for a date. Set start and end to your maximum values. If your tournament starts 09:45AM, just enter 09:00AM as start time.
  • Make dates inactive if you have a lot of dates. Inactive dates will not show up, and the computation will be smoother for long and heavy tournaments. NOTE: This is used for tournaments with more then 10 dates and +1000 matches, 
  • It is possible to change tournament dates in your regsitration site. Changes are imported into TXO.
  • Column "Description" is only for your own sake. It is not shown any place else.

Window explanation

  1. Press the button "New" to make a new tournament date.
  2. And this is the delete button. NOTE: It is NOT possible to delete dates which have matches. You must delete the matches before you delete the date!
  3. Fastest way to add new date: Click on a date in calendar, enter time and then click button "Save selected date and time". The new tournament date will show up in the grid.
  4. Click into this cell to change date and/or time.
  5. Endter number of hours for each day. The column "End" is calculate from "Hours".
  6. You can compress each tournament date to show only enough of the day based on the matches. If first match start 13PM, this function will make edit the tournament date to start from 12PM. If no matches exists on a tournament date, this date will be set inactive. See example below.
Example of compress dates
  • 25.nov will be changed to end at 3PM after compress.

Inactive date

It is possible to set a date to be inactive. This is mainly if you are unsure if this date shall be used. Otherwise, we recommend to delete unused dates.

  1. Right click on a column header.
  2. Drag column "Set inactive" up to the header area.
  3. In order to make changes for later, click "Save layout".

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