League play

Adding a league play

Possibilities and limitations

  • League play can only be made from postions in the group play. 
  • It is not possible to first run a group play, then a playoff and then a league play
  • After a league play, you can have a ordinary playoff

Showing placeholder for league play

  1. First of all, the placeholder for league play must be shown. Enter menu "Tree actions" - "Show league play area"


 Assign competitors to league play

  1. Click on the plus-sign to add one league play (click several times to add more leagues)
  2. Drag positions into group play. You can whenever you want switch competitors; Just drag in or out the league boxes.

NOTE: You must click "Save"-button to save the playoff tree!


Continue to playoff

You can make a playoff after league play

  1. Start with making new matches by dragging the new box to correct position. Here we have made one final and semi-finals
  2. Drag positions from league play up in the playoff boxes. You can change data by dragging between boxes and delete by right click on a box or a competitor


Deleting data

To delete data eighter drag the postions out from the box or in some cases right click on the box and select "Delete"




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