Deleting a playoff match

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A playoff match can be deleted whenever you want if the match is not played (that is has a result). A match with results can NOT be deleted.

BUT; There are consequences you shall be aware of!

How to delete?

  1. Select the match you want to delete
  2. Enter menu as shown: "Delete selected playoff match(es)"
  3. After deleting, the playoff match is gone and no team is shown in the match depending on the selected match


The playoff match is not been scheduled (no real match is made)

The only consequence is depending match is missing the home or away "team".

Example: If playoff match 1/16-3 is deleted, the depending playoff match 1/8-1 (home team 1/16-2, away team 1/16-3) will lack the away "team"

The playoff match is scheduled but not published to APP

Same consequences as above plus the depending "team" in scheduled match is also deleted. The scheduled match will then be set as invalid.

The playoff match is scheduled and also published to APP

NOTE: As a absolute criteria, all matches MUST have a winner for the calculation of the further matches in a playoff!

Same consequences as above. The match in APP will remain as it was with no changes. The schedule must be published before APP is updating with this change. Publishing such match to APP, will only result in missing team in the match.

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