Make matches by manual

Most important things to know

  • This functionality is mainly for groups with a large number of teams which only play a limited of matches
  • Be aware so you do not end up with teams with to few matches

Typical scenario

  1. The category is set to play 3 matches each team
  2. There are 5 teams in group 1

By default, you can not decide who shall meet and not meet. One important criteria for the system is to avoid team from same club to meet.


Customize this schedule

  1. Select from menu as shown "Make matches by manual"
  2. Select category and group
  3. Matches with teams which have not met eachother are shown in green text color. The number is number of matches which exists for the team
  4. Select the matches you want to make
  5. Click on this button to make the macthes
  6. You can also delete matches from here.






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