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NOTE: League levels which are finsished and is mapped into Genius software, can not be edited in PL.

Scheduling window - main areas

  1. Filter boxes for filters on rounds and free text. In addition a dropdown to color teams which makes it easier to see their matches.
  2. Several functions for teams and schedule, These are explained in other articles.
  3. A valid match schema must be made by using the Profixio CUP algoritms. This will make a schedule which position matches on legal venues and time, based on several rules.
  4. Make matches using ordinary RoundRobin without any algorithms
  5. All matches in selected league level are shown in this grid.
    Red rows indicates matches which has not been running through the schedule algorithms. Their positions are not validated and might not be legal.
  6. Use this calendar to manual set date, time or both on a selected match
  7. Use "Replace all" to change all matches in selected round.

Scheduling colors

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