Scheduling a pool play


Note: Read this article how to import play keys from Excel

The schedule for a pool play depends on a set with play keys. Each match is locked regarding home team, away team and round to play (and if set; Organizer). The venue for the home team is used as the match venue.

Using poolplay, only one group is necessary. All teams and all matches will be assigned to that single group.

Before scheduling, the rounds need to be time restricted so the scheduler knows in which time interval each match can be played. Enter "Prepare schedule":

Making matches

After the rounds are made, the matches must be made. Use button "Make schedule". All matches are made from the play key set.

Improving the schedule with Profixio CUP algorithms

After the pool play schedule is made, it is possible to improve the schedule by using Profixio CUP algorithms. As usual: Green matches will not be changed.

NOTE: You can force matches to be scheduled by check on "Include this match in CUP".

Reset a schedule and running a pool play with play keys

If you want to make a complete new schedule, fx if the play key set is changed, you must use the function "Delete this schedule" before running CUP. CUP will delete all matches, using the play key set and make all matches from scratch by "pool play CUP".





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