Adding new league level to existing league

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When a league level is made, all teams can be duplicated in order to make a "Step 2" of this league. Most often, this is used when a new schedule is made based on some seeding of existing teams.


Schedule for USM F16 (autumn season) is made. A new schedule with the same teams are wanted, and shall be played during spring season.

  • First of all, this level must be made in the usual way. Remember to check on "Duplicate teams from register site ".
  • Secondly, all groups must be made
  • Then, all teams must be chosen which group to play in.
    Note: Check on teams first, then just select group to one of them (saves you a lot of click).
  • Enter "Prepare schedule", check on the groups and select the playkey which ends on something like "USM 3-4-5lag". If the playkey includes "x-y-z lag" it means that the playkey is flexible regarding number of teams. BUT: Number of teams must be as the playkey says (here 3,4 or 5 teams). Less or more teams will fail.

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