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It is possible to publish several league levels (categories) at once. But the waiting time can be up to 3 minutes for 200 league levels. It is NOT recommended to publish more than 200 league levels at the time! Only matches from today and in the future will be published.

Main functions

  1. Select filter for region to avoid too many league levels.
  2. Check on the levels you want to publish (remember to use the top check box to select all in list). See "Tip about filter" below.
  3. If you want to publish matches only until a certain date, select this date here. Matches scheduled after this date, will not be published.
  4. If you want to give club admin the option to edit match time and/or venue (called 'Match edit'), select the limit of date here. Do not enter any date if you do not want to give access to match edit at all! NOTE: 'Match edit' do not need to be confirmed by anyone!
  5. If you want club admin to apply for match move (which must be confirmed by schedule superior). Do not enter any date if you do not want to give access to apply for match move at all!
  6. Click on the button to run publishing. Be aware of the dialog box which you must confirm to publish.

Tip about filter

If you want to include some levels and exclude others, use the char + and -.

Example; To include 'Våren' and exclude 'Hösten' enter "-Hösten +Våren" as image below shows (use space between the words).

Now you can easily select all by using the top "Select all" checkbox.

If you want to make filter on certain dates, see image below. This can be nice if you want to select all levels which are not published today.

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