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  • Data in TXO is saved in its own database server. This data are not seen by anyone else than the persons who are doing the match scheduling. 
  • In order to let the teams, parents etc, see the match schedule, the data must be published to the public database server.
  • TXO is designed to minimize data transfer from the schedule database to the public web site (that is the public database server.).
  1. As default, just click on the button shown at (1). TXO will transfer only new data to the public web site (in order to reduce traffic),
  2. If the public web site do not show data equal to TXO, check off this check box (2) and publish again (1)
  3. Rarely, by some network error or other data mismatch, the data on the public web site can not be equal to TXO and are complete out of sync. The solution is to delete all data in the public web site. See bubble (3). All data from the public web site, including results if exists, will first be downloaded to TXO. Nothing is therefor lost!

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