Delete a team after schedule is made


Man United must withdrawn the the team in P 2004. As shown in schedule, they have 3 matches (the red rectangles).


Withdraw (delete) team

  • You can NOT withdraw a team inside TXO. It has to be done in your admin site!
  • Enter "Show tournament links" and click on your admin url. 
  • In your admin site, find the team, click on the team name, and select "Delete team"


Scheduling the group in TXO

  • After the team is withdrawn, enter menu "Participants" inside TXO
  • Now, data about all teams are reloaded, included data about Man United is withdrawn.
  • All Man Uniteds matches are now replaced with a vacant team. The matches are NOT deleted
  • Why? Beacuse if you get a replacement team, TXO will switch the vacant team with the new replacement team.

Schedule ONLY the group with Man United
Turn ON "Delete vacant teams before schedule"


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