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Change language

Language superior. TXO will as default get the the operating system language which often is the browsers language. This can be changed among the supported languages shown in the list in bubble (2). T…


Setting visual theme

Select a theme. You can select another theme than the default one (it si called "DevEx". A theme will influence on all the pages, but be aware; Some themes are not very nice. A theme is remembered by…


How to make a backup?

Sometimes you may want to back up the tournament for safety reasons. Perhaps someone make mistakes and needs to restore data before the changes were done. Then it's probably a good idea to know how t…


Order support during tournament

Why order? First of all, if you do not order phone support, you will not have access to our support staff outside normal working hours. In a stressful moment, it can be nice to just pick up the phone…

Ole Kristian Engvoll
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Import data from Excel

If you have matches or referees already in an Excel file, you can use the import function in TXO. If you want to import data from Excel it must be an XLS or XLSX file. These are usually standard file…