Rounds initial setup


Rounds must be made before a schedule is made.  If rounds are regenerated after a schedule is made, data in the schedule will be unvalid. All rounds must be selected by manual in such case.


Add rounds freely

NOTE: Further down on this page, see ("Add rounds from weeks")

If a schedule is done, and more teams are added, often more rounds must be made. No data is changed by this function.

  1. Use the new button to add one more round. You do NOT need to enter data in the new row...
  2. ...just click "Save changes"
  3. Click on the new row, and assign Start and End as shown in bubble (6)
  4. You can change index and..
  5. ..phase but most often this is not necessary (remember to click "Save changes")

TIP: Fast enter day start and end

  1. Enter hours to set the end time. If start is 15:00, and you enter Hour = 4, the end time will be 19:00
  2. Enter start and hour in format 15-4. Then start will be at 15:00 and end will be 4 hours later.

Copy rounds

In order to simplify entering of rounds, initial round setup data can be copied from another league level. Just select the league level in the dropdown box and click the appropriate button.

  • If rounds exists in the league level, they will first be deleted. That is, if matches exists, they will be unassigned rounds and must be reassigned rounds afterwards. Use menu "Schedule".
  • Schedule time and scheduled time restrictions will also be copied.

Delete round

Just enter 0 in column "Index" and click "Save changes"

Add rounds from weeks

If rounds are missing, it is possible to add new rounds easily from the week list.

NOTE: You must check the column "Index" and "PhaseIndex" and change those values if not correct after inserting new rounds.

  1. Click on the weeks the rounds shall be added for
  2. Enter button "Add rounds from selection"
  3. The new rounds are shown in this list.

Remember: You can delete a round by enter 0 in column "Index".


Update rounds in matches

In order to fast update matches if rounds are wrong, use function as shown here:



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